The Woodroffe Skylights Control-A-Lite system is a mechanical louver device used in conjunction with any new or existing skylight to control the amount of light into the room below.

Any room with a skylight at times may require different intensities of light and with a Control-A-Lite this gives you the ability to shut off up to 90% of the natural light coming through the skylight.

This Australian made product has won 4 Australian Design Awards and is available in both manual and electric operated systems.

This unit is a compact design which sits concealed under the skylight dome and is manufactured from strong durable components, including sheet steel, aluminium and UV stabilised injection moulded parts.

The Manual Control-A-Lite system has a manual winder mechanism which operates from the ceiling frame flange by inserting a winder stick and twisting, which allows you to open and close the louvers to your desired light intensity.

The Electric Control-A-Lite system operates in the same way as the manual Control-A-Lite but is driven by a 12 volt geared motor. By the press of a button the rotating louvers can be controlled from full light to 90% block out in 10 seconds.

  • Winner of 4 Australian Design Awards
  • Controlled lighting
  • Electric or manual operation
  • Excellent durability
  • Custom made to suit any square or rectangular skylight
  • Can be fitted to any existing skylights