Roof Vents

Superflow Roof Ventilators (whirly birds)

Roof ventilators will improve the comfort level of any home by providing a means of cooling the roof space in warmer temperatures and reducing moisture build up in cooler conditions.
Australian designed and manufactured product the Ampelite Superflow Ventilator has been designed to exhaust the very hot air that becomes trapped in the roof space which prevents heat radiation into the home.
During winter damp air entering the roof space can condense and create dampness but good ventilation can prevent damage to roof timbers and the formation of mildew.
Backed by a 15 year warranty this is the only roof vent that Woodroffe Skylights recommends and supplies for your roof ventilation needs.
Available in the full range of Colourbond colours to match any roof type.

  • 15 year manufacturer’s warranty
  • Australian made and designed
  • Internal superflow fan
  • Strong nylon chassis for silent operation
  • Sealed dual bearings
  • Double riveted for strength
  • Energy efficient with no running costs
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