Suntube Skylight

The Woodroffe 350mm and 400mm Suntube Skylight is ideal for pantries, walk in robes, ensuites, toilets or any other small room that requires additional light.
Its ease of installation makes it attractive for DIY, it’s small 350mm size enables it to be installed between most roof rafters and ceiling joists without any structural alterations being required.
Available in larger sizes, the 500mm and 550mm Suntubes are ideal for bathrooms, hallways, larger rooms or where a circular ceiling frame is desired.
The Woodroffe Suntubes can be purchased as a DIY kit or we can arrange installation with our qualified installers or by contacting one of our distributors in your area.
Consisting of a quality manufactured metal base with a clear acrylic dome, flexible light shaft, white PVC ceiling frame and prismatic diffuser.
The Woodroffe Suntube kits can be purchased with a fully flashed metal base manufactured to suit a tile, corrugated or deck roof. The flexi-shaft is available in 1.5 or 3.0 meter lengths.
Skylight bases can be colour matched to suit the full range of colourbond colours.
The available sizes are